Posted on April 14th, 2011

If you've been by the mini-store lately no doubt you've seen the plentitude of eggs! Yes indeed, the birds are laying in earnest now. And not only are they laying well but they have become ravenous foragers. We moved the birds off the main pasture near the Verrill Farm store to a growing field of rye just up Wheeler Road. In our attempts to integrate the animals into the Verrill veggie rotation, we use fields destined for crops as much as possible. This field was sown to rye late last year. Now that the weather is warming the rye is coming alive and growing quickly. We'll be moving the birds through this field at a brisk pace to spread their manure and to allow them continual access to the growing shoots of rye.
The piggles are a ranbunctious group this spring. Or perhaps we should just call them roto-rooters since that's all they want to do! We moved them into a small area to get them trained to the electric fencing and after a quick intro we opened them up to a virgin piece of sod. Within a week it was totally turned over with not a piece of grass left in sight! Just before the rain arrived yesterday we moved them yet again to a new piece of sod and seeded the previous piece to oats/peas/rye. In six weeks it will be ready for grazing again. Soon we'll be moving this entire group of Old Spots to our larger ten acre field where they'll have some woodlands to explore and more sod to turn...

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Tish - April 14th, 2011 at 6:48 AM
Very impressive - what a nice place. I, too have hens and they did not stop laying all winter. DO you also have roosters? What do you feed your layers? They must be very happy with their grazing fields. Nice job!
(my website is down right now while being re-created)
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