Spring Update
by Pete on May 11th, 2011

Lot's happening here at the farm! We're knee deep in projects and gearing up the fields, pens, and paddocks for all the activity to come.

This past weekend Jen and I criss-crossed the state in our never ending effort to source the best quality heritage breed piglets around. Last year we retired our sows and boar prior to our winter vacation. So with no sows on hand we needed to bring in piggies. Luckly we found some great farms to partner with and have found some wonderfully healthy and energetic heritage breed piglets. They are settling in and quickly rooting up every last bit of greenery in their little training paddock. Soon, once they are trained to electric fencing, we'll begin to open them up to the pastures and deeper into the woodlands. They are a cute bunch and include crosses of old spot, tamworth, large black, berkshire and a wee bit of hampshire.
The egg laying hens have adjusted to their newest nest coop which you can see here to the left (little red wagon in foreground). Since we expanded our flock we needed to add more nest boxes. Our system is to have separate wagons/coops for laying and sleeping. In the morning as the birds wake up and exit the wagons to forage, they then enter the smaller coops which contain the nest boxes. They lay their eggs in these coops which are dark and seem safe for the hens to deposit their eggs. After laying they return to the pasture to forage. By mid-afternoon most hens have finished laying and then the nest coops automatic doors close locking them out. This way the birds cannot sleep or poop in the nest boxes later in the day. We'll post more pics of the system soon.

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