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by Pete on May 31st, 2011

Yes, another cute photo of a pig. We just love the piggles. This week we opened up a new field for the pigs to chow down. With the rain we had a week+ ago and now the warm spell and sunny skies, the pastures are taking off and grasses/clovers are outpacing the capacity of the pigs to hog them down. We've also grown some spring peas and oats which are also almost ready for harvest.

All the pigs are doing great. Though the heat of the last few days is not their favorite. With no sweat glands they enjoy cooling off in mud holes or deep in the woods where the shade and cool soil provides a welcome respite from the heat. Whenever possible we provide water holes for the pigs to lounge in and coat themselves in a thick coat of mud. They love it.
If you've been driving past the "cow pasture" on the corner of Route 2 and Sudbury Road you may have seen our silver "hoop coops" in the corner of the field. Our meat chickens will be calling this pasture their home this season. With a lack of available land in the area to pasture our birds we've been able to peel off a sliver of this large field which often goes underutilitzed by the few cows that roam around. Their is some controversy about the shelters being out on the pasture since the land is owned by the Concord Conservation Trust, but we hope in the end they feel the chickens will improve the pasture and improve it's productivity in the years to come. Chicken manure can do wonders!

We currently have six shelters in the field sorrounded by a single strand of electric fencing to keep the cows at bay. We are about nine days from our first processing day and the birds look great. The Freedom Rangers always seem to do especially well in the early spring.
While this photo doesn't look like much, it will soon! This will be a new pasture for us in 2012. For those living near White's Pond, it's the large square field adjacent to the entrance to the pond and on the other side of the field we've used for the past three seasons to pasture our meat chickens. We seeded 1/2 of this six acre field a couple of weeks ago and it is just starting to sprout and show it's littly hairy greenness. In 2012 we will probably grow meat chickens on the field, perhaps some sheep, and even some laying hens!
With more and more farms out there calling themselves "pasture-raised" we like to continually show you that we are indeed putting our animals out on lush fields for them to graze and enjoy!

Check out some of these photos taken over the past week+!

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