Three little piggies
by Pete on July 1st, 2011

In December of last year, a few weeks before we departed for our great asian adventure, Nutmeg, our sow, had a litter of piglets. It was a great litter. A big litter of twelve or so. But it was cold. Winter was settling in. And Nutmeg was never a great mom. She was selfish. All she cared about was herself, and food. Yes, it was cold and her new babies neded her warmth. But ohh, she loved eating. She loved the occasional outdated and slightly stale date-nut bread from Iggy' sweet and crunchy. And then apples, she loved all those juicy varieties. But unforuntunately, she would step on her own babies to get to these treats. And so the twelve beautiful piglets, one by one, met their maker....until there were three!
Nutmeg and Wolfgang were our last sow and boar after our relatively brief attempt at creating a small farrow (in pig have piglets) to finish pig operation. Nutmeg was Fern's daughter. Our favorite pig of all time. But she just didn't have the caring nature of her mom. I guess a pig doesn't necessarily fall far from the, ehh, mud tree.
So with our winter vacation looming and just three little piggies left. We decided to send Nutmeg and Wolfie off to hog heaven. The three little piggies stayed behind and went to the caring home of our friend Meri. She nursed them back to health after being stepped on and ignored by Nutmeg. After many warm bottles of milk, lots of fresh hay and and warm cuddles...the three piggles have also gone to heaven. They lived a nice life these last few months and were the friendliest pigs ever - thanks to Meri and her kindness.

You can now find these wonderful piggies in our freezer to enjoy during the upcoming holiday...guilt free because you know they lived a great life and left us quietly and happily. Thanks Meri!

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