Pigs n' Peas
by Pete on July 11th, 2011

Pigs love their peas! Each year we grow a wide variety of crops for the pigs to "hog down" to their hearts content. After enjoying lots of clover and rye over the past couple of months we turned the pigs into a small field of peas and oats. The peas were just forming and the oats had nice soft seed heads popping up. Both were sweet and tender and the pigs wasted no time munching away. I so love turning the pigs into new areas and watching them go to work. So much so, that I flicked on my iphone video camera ....enjoy...and notice how totally quiet the pigs are...they are focused on getting the best bits of sweet pea tendril tips...yes, those are the same pea tendrils that you pay $10lb for at the market!
Below, you can see the same exact field about one week later! It had a few more dead plants laying about but I tilled all the remaining plants and seeded their next crop...sudan grass. Within a month this same field (and I'll blog about it) will have lush green grass several feet tall. Sudan grass is a fast growing summer grass which is extremely tasty and sweet and makes an excellent forage this time of year. If managed properly it will re-grow after being grazed. In the photo you can see that we are excluding the pigs from this field with a single strand of electric wire and some fiberglass posts. The pigs learn quickly to stay out of the field as they know (maybe) that soon their will be more tasty greens headed their way!

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