Grass-Fed Beef from Wheelview Farm
by Pete on August 28th, 2011

A few weeks ago we visited with John and Carolyn Wheeler out in Shelburne, MA. For a few years now we've been selling their wonderful 100% grass-fed beef in the mini-store. With our one vacation weekend of the summer we trekked out to Shelburne to spend time with the Wheelers - visiting with the Wheelers, enjoying a nice lunch on their patio, saying hello to their cows and seeing where all that great beef comes from.

The Wheelers just purchased an adjacent property in order to secure their access to over 100 additional acres of prime pasture for their 100% grass-fed (no grain, ever!) beef. They currently have a herd of opproximately 130 head of mainly Belted Galloway cattle which graze their pastures during the summer and consume their hay and baleage during the winter. In most years the Wheelers grow enough of their own forage to feed their cows all year. No purchased forage means they are self-sufficient on their land!

The Wheelers home is situated on over 300 acres of land with the home-site being in Carolyns' family for several generations. The Wheelers are wonderful, warm and hospitable folks and we take pride in our relationship with them. We trust their farming practices and their beef is the only beef we consume ourselves - it's tasty and 100% grass-fed! All their animals are processed at Adams Farm in Athol, MA, the same facility we use for our pigs and sheep.

We purchase beef from Wheelview Farm several times per year and can coordinate large bulk purchases for those interested. Higher-end cuts such as tenderloin, t-bone etc... are challenging to purchase in quantity to please allow time for cuts to be available.

A few photos below from our visit.

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