Pork, capons and extra birds coming soon...
by Pete on October 20th, 2011

Hang on folks...the meat is coming soon! Over the next couple of weeks we'll be knee deep in tasty pasture-raised pork as well as (hopefully) some extra birds for first-come first-serve sales in the mini-store.

Over the past few weeks we've been bringing our pigs in for harvest to Adams Farm in Athol. We had hoped to begin distributing pork samplers by now but the slaughterhouse is pretty busy these days and they are a bit behind in getting our pigs processed. For all those waiting for pork, the wait should be over soon. We think we'll be able to pick up some of the meat by next weekend.

Stay tuned, we'll provide more info soon!
The meat birds have done well this last round but, as usual, due to decreasing daylight and colder night-time temps they don't get as large as the birds growin in spring/summer.

The capons ARE hefty though, as we have been growing them since summer. We hope they will be in the 7-10lb range. We'll have some smaller ones for sure and a few have had leg problems so no doubt we'll also have some "imperfect" birds available for a slight discount!
Last week I was up and out in the early morning to move the layer wagons forward to fresh pasture...and the sunrise was unreal! Here are some photos of the wagons in silhouette.

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