Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Mini-Store!
by Pete on December 6th, 2011

Our friend Paul over at Extra-Virgin Foods is importing his family's pride and joy - their hand-picked, cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The stuff is amazing! It's now available in 1 liter bottles at the mini-store for $20 per bottle. A great holiday gift for the foodie in your life!

We first met Paul at the 5 year anniversary of Edible Boston where he was a guest and was also showcasing his great oil. We got to talking and soon realized Paul had been a Backyard Birds customer for some time. He already knew we had great products in our mini-store and suggested we add one more...his oil!

If you have never tasted great olive oil, you must. This is it. No mixing of oils from Italy or lesser quality non-virgin oils which seem to be in most oils these days. There's lots of buzz in the media these days about the olive oil business and how corrupt it is. We are proud to be offereing a pure product from someone we know and trust.

All the great chefs in Boston are using this oil from Bondir to Oleana...get yours today!

One taste for yourself and you'll never go back!
NPR aired a great story a short time ago - Tom Ashbrook interviewed Tom Mueller all about the olive oil industry, very fascinating! Definitely worth a listen! This is his new book...

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