Hens are back on pasture!
by Pete on April 1st, 2012

After spending several months in and around the greenhouses for the winter, then hens are back on grass.  We moved them out two weeks ago and they are making up for lost time eating lots of tender rye-grass shoots.  The yolks are already that deep-orange color that make our eggs so tasty.

For now, the birds will range on land which was seeded last fall to winter rye.  The rye is a fast growing green cover crop which will eventually be tilled and turned into the soil to provide organic matter and nourishment to a vegetable crop.  We like the birds to graze rye because this time of year it is very tender and plentiful.  The perennial pastures still need time to green-up and get growing plus we don't like to impact the pastures with our livestock before they are ready with their spring lush growth.

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