Whole hoggers!
by Pete on September 28th, 2012

The October Hog Harvest is almost here!  We have a couple of groups of pigs which have been growing beautifully and are nearing their target weights.  For those purchasing whole pigs we have a group slightly smaller then last years which can be seen below.  They are mainly Tamworth and Large Blacks with a little Old Spot mixed in.  They have lived a stress-free life wandering the fields, chilling out under the cool pine trees and taking mud baths to their hearts content.  Needless to say they are beautiful and healthy! 

The pigs are now being fed our secret custom certified-organic ration which contains mainly barley, a bit of corn, and some wheat (soy-free!).  This ration along with the green forage the pigs enjoy improves the overall quality of the pork and ensures a clean and firmer fat.

The photos below were captured on Sept 27, 2012

note:  see our new greenhouse being built - should be finished by next week - we hope to have greens for sale this coming winter!

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