Snowy Woolys!
by Pete on December 30th, 2012

This is the final week for these wonderful woolys.  They head off to wooly heaven this week so they can be enjoyed by many.  We've loved having them on the farm this past season.  They are all unique individuals and we will miss them.  I'll be photographing them a few times this week as a parting gesture of thanks.

This morning they awoke, like the rest of us, to a wintry wonderland.  They seemed unfazed and enjoyed their usual stroll through the woods and into the open fields to graze the clover under the snow cover and to play in the fluffy whiteness.  Their thick coat of hair and large deposits of back fat insulate them quite well.  They seem as happy as ever!

For those interested in visiting the Mangalitsa's on a plate, contact EVOO, Bondir and Beacon Hill Bistro restaurants in Boston.  They will all be receiving one our fine friends this coming Friday, January 4th.

Happy New Year to all! 

Have a tasty 2013!

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