Backyard Burglar Nabbed!
by Pete on February 18th, 2014

Thanks to our wonderfully supportive customers we have nabbed our thief!  An anonymous tipster provided the identy of our newest pilferer.  After reviewing countless hours of footage on our security system we discovered the perpetrator had been nicking items from the store for many many weeks.  The grand tally was in the hundreds of dollars!  With the help of the Concord police we were able to track down the individual and she has since paid us for most of the items taken from the mini-store. 

We have now posted a sign in the store alerting folks more clearly that the little space is indeed under 24 hr surveillance -  for all our safety.  We hope this does not deter folks from visiting our small shop and enjoying all the tasty treats we have to offer. 

We need the honor to remain in the "honor-system" which all of us have enjoyed for many years now. 

Thanks again for all the support and kind words. 

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