Summer 2015 update
by Pete on August 11th, 2015

We are still here!  I guess that's the biggest update to mention.  Many folks (including ourselves!) are wondering when and where we plan on moving the farm to at the end of this season.  Unbelievably we are still unsure.  After following many many many leads, did I say many?  Yes MANY!  We have still come up short.  We are grateful to all those who have cast their nets wide on our behalf.  Unfortunately, the pickings of available and affordable farmland and homestead sites are slim to none in this area (Concord, Sudbury, Wayland, Acton, Littleton, Carlisle, Lincoln, etc...).  At some point we will detail the long list of leads we have followed up on, but for now, we just wanted to let folks know the search continues. 

We hope to have news soon on one particular lead we are following up on.  But we don't want to spoil our luck but suffice to say if we can figure this one lead out, we will be able to remain in the immediate area.  If it does not, anyone need some farm equipment?  

In other news...

..the season continues

In the fall of 2014 we began a small experiment to build fertility in a small field adjacent to one of our greenhouses.  The experiment began with the dumping of large amounts of leaves on the field.  We were looking to provide both comfortable bedding for the pigs as the temps got colder heading into winter, and to provide a source of carbon to absorb the nutrients from their manure.  A local landscaper brought in many truckloads of clean leaves and began dumping them on the field.  We spread the leaves around and the pigs dug in and spread the leaves to their liking creating nice comfy bedding.  One of the unknowns were if a small group of pigs (12) could sufficiently manipulate the leaves so the field could be used the following season for cropping.  The pigs were harvested in late January (they also lived in the back of the greenhouse) and after the snow finally melted we allowed our hens access to this same field so they could continue the process of adding manure for fertility while also scratching and breaking down those same leaves.  

Below you will see the progression of the field.  First the leaves, then a cover crop of peas and oats after we moved the hens off the field.  Then more pigs to eat the peas and oats, and now a new cover crop of rye and peas were just sowed...

Suffice to say, while we have not yet cropped the field for a cash crop (veggies!), the leaves are entirely broken down and the soil is deep brown in color.  Soils tests will be taken soon!  This is how you BUILD SOIL!  

The other critters are doing great this season...

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