Now recruiting for the 2016 season!

Driver / Weekend FArm Assistant / Gardener

We are seeking a reliable individual who has a flexible schedule to work both during the week and often on weekends.  Work includes caring for all our beasts on weekends including moving meat chicken pens through rough pasture, tending to all our tasty birds - providing water and feed, as well as collecting and sometimes washing eggs.  Possibility of other chores or work around the farm.  Clean drivers license and driving record. Individual will be driving a heavy duty pickup truck and trailer(s), bringing animals in for slaughter and picking up meat in refrigerated vehicles several times per month.  Ability to repeatedly lift heavy boxes weighing over 50lbs.  Seeking someone with excellent common sense, a strong back, ability to work independently, self-motivated, and self-starter,  Work on weekends will be regularly scheduled from May-October, driving duties vary.  Previous farm work and mechanical skills a plus!

If the tasks above are of interest we can work with your schedule. Just give us a call or email to discuss!

E-mail us if you are interested!

Egg washer / Packer  - Part-Time

We are seeking a glorified egg washer!  Help provide quality control, egg washing, packaging, and labeling for our delicious pasture-raised, organic eggs.  We have an automatic egg washing machine and need someone who can work quickly and efficiently while maintaining attention to detail as they package eggs.  Hours are flexible and can include weekends.  Approximately 1-2 hours / day.  Occasional help with animal chores also a possibility.  Location in N. Sudbury.   $10 per hour, egg-share, or other work / barter / exchange opportunities available. Workers compensation provided.  Position available year-round if desired.  Inquire for more details.  If this interests you send us an e-mail!


Position filled

We are seeking a super dedicated person or person(s) to help manage all aspects of our farm in 2015.  We are seeking a candidate who is passionate about farming with significant on-farm experience and vast problem solving skills.  Tractor experience is required, loader/fork lift experience a huge plus -  as well as comfort using all types of power equipment (tractors, implements, chainsaw, mowers, wackers, etc...) The ideal person(s) is extremely self-motivated and a self-starter who understands the daily rhythyms of farm and the work required to keep a farm running smoothly.  Primary responsibilities include daily chores and care of our animals. The ideal candidate would live locally and be available to participate and carry out assorted chores including: care for meat chickens (May-end of October), egg collecting, feeding of animals (including rabbits and chickens, pigs), possibly harvesting / weeding / washing / packing veggies, greenhouse work, maintaining (weed wacking) electric fence lines, mowing, tilling and seeding pastures, occasionally driving to and fro' slaughterhouses and smokehouses to pickup and drop off meat, and other random but extremely fun and dandy farm work. We also have two new high tunnels where we will be growing veggies intensively in 2015.

Position would entail heavy lifting of 50lb grain bags, lots of heavy buckets full of yummy eggs with deep orange yolks, hauling meat bird coops through the pasture, moving portable fences, and other strenuous work. Must be physically fit (with a good back), able to deal with inclement weather (heat, rain, mud, muck, occasional livestock death losses...) and strong enough to move the 8'x12' meat bird structures using a two-wheeler dolly. Must not mind walking through poop. We also need someone who is detail-oriented, highly observant and an excellent independent thinker who is able to communicate issues that arise in the fields and who pays attention to animal behavior so we can address issues before they become problems.

Most important qualities we seek are dedication, reliability, problem-solver, self-starter, ability to follow directions, observant, a sense of humor, and the ability to work independently and efficiently - oh yeah, and extreme respect and reverence for the animals which make our jobs possible!

Initial training provided, but most work will be done independently - you must genuinely enjoy working solo and have an excellent worth ethic! Pete works full time farming at Verrill Farm so he is around daily to provide direction and guidance but the candidate will carry out much of the daily farm chores, egg washing/packing, and veggie tasks independently to keep the animals happy and healthy.

Previous farm-work required. Tractor experience required. Carpentry and mechanical skills necessary.  Things break on farms!

Hours would be seasonal, April through October/November - Ideally work would begin in the morning, 7-8 am and depending on the time of season work until 5pm. Flexibility to work longer days would be great. Workers Compensation insurance, product discounts, and a vehicle to get around the farm is provided. No housing. We want to know you can enjoy working hard and have the stamina to do so for an entire season.

Weekly salary.

E-mail us if the details above sound interesting to you!
Do you love animals (... and their poop)? If so, this is the job for you!

Vegetable/fruit grower  - Part-Time

Position Filled

We are seeking an experienced organic vegetable/fruit  grower for the small veggie/fruit component on our farm.  We grow less than an acre of veggies and recently installed a small high density orchard of about 100 fruit trees.  The ideal candidate enjoys working alone and thrives outdoors in all weather conditions!

Tasks include seeding, transplanting, and tending two high-tunnels including a 30'x72' high tunnel and a 20'x64" tunnel.  Harvesting, washing and prepping produce for wholesale and retail sales, weeding, trellising, pest control, etc.  All tasks related to growing a large market garden. Strong back and good health are required.  Veggie experience is definitely preferred and love of outdoors a must!  Experience operating small power equipment a plus, including a small BCS walk behind tractor, riding lawn mower, weed wacker, etc.. Larger tractor experience also a plus, but not necessary.

Hours are somewhat flexible and can include weekends.  Availability of Sunday-Wednesday is preferred.  Approximately 10-20 hours + per week, April - October.  Occasional help with animal chores also a possibility. Workers comp. and free veggies provided.

Inquire for more details.  If this interests you send us an e-mail!