Poultry Processing

Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU)

For the last several years we have been piloting a new and innovative mobile poultry processing facility for processing our own chickens on the farm. This unit is owned by the New England Small Farm Institute - and managed by the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project where Jen is the Director. We are one of several area farms who have been licensed and approved to use the unit. We have a state slaughter license and have received local board of health approval to use the unit at our farm in Concord. There is great need in the state for a legal, affordable, and humane way for small scale growers to process their own chickens and sell direct to consumers. We have been leading the way and Jen has been instrumental in bringing the MPPU project to fruition in Massachusetts.

If you are a farmer and interested in using the MPPU on your own farm contact the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, where Jen is the Director, to attain more information.

Volunteer opportunities currently on-hold

From the 2010-2014 seasons we've had hundreds of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds come to the farm and help us process birds. The days are long and the work can be exhausting but it's rewarding and enlightening experience for many. 

At this time, however, due to our ever-expanding farm and family we have decided to process birds off-farm.  Our lives are so busy and we found processing weekends to be so overwhelmingly hectic we just needed to take a break.  We are grateful to have had over the years so many wonderful and dedicated volunteers help us bring our tasty birds to market.  Never say never and we may indeed begin processing again but for now we are enjoying the break and time with our beautiful son.