Going Whole Hog?

Some guidance on purchasing a whole pig

Purchasing an entire pig is a fantastic way to discover all the delights our porky friends have to offer. Pork is incredibly versatile and can be cooked, cured, ground, smoked, and savored for years. But it can be a signifcant investment of time, money, and freezer space and it should be one you are ready to undertake.

Our pigs are extremely high quality and we take great pride in our care and the resulting end product. All our pigs are heritage breeds, grown on pasture, and finished on our custom feeding regiment which ensures tasty meat with clean and pure fat.

Our whole hogs are sold by the hanging weight. This means you pay for and receive the entire animal (head, edible organs, bones, backfat, feet, and standard meat cuts). You will receive approx 70-80% of the hanging weight in edible meat cuts depending on your butchering preferences, but you pay the per lb fee based on the hanging weight. Our whole pigs usually have a hanging weight of between 175 and 240 lbs and so based on this figure, with a 75% "shrink" during processing you would receive back approx 131-180 lbs of pork products.

Cut it your way!

The great advantage to ordering a whole hog is that YOU get to decide how it is butchered. Want boneless chops - done! Want all ground from the trimmings so you can spice it up how you want - oila! Want your hams smoked at our custom smokehouse - you got it! We provide guidance free of charge on how to complete the "cut sheets" for the processor. All cuts will be vacuum sealed in pack sizes which you determine. Want ground pork in 2lb packs - no worries. Want super thick 1.5" chops, with 2 per pack, done! We also help provide suggestions on how to have your piggie cut, just ask! We are here to ensure you have tasty pork for months of enjoyment.

Smokin' Good

As a service to our whole hog customers, we also will act as a liason with our smokehouse in Vermont. We can arrange for your pork belly to be smoked and cured, hams smoked and sliced, hocks smoked, shoulders smoked, etc... There are extra fees associated with smoking, but most customers are extremely pleased with the quality. At this time, smoking/curing can cost approx $2.50/lb or more (based on current smokehouse pricing) depending on the cut being smoked.

So, what happens after I order a whole hog?

Once you've decided a whole hog is for you - head to our on-line ordering page and make a deposit. We'll be in touch shortly to confirm your order. Now, just sit back and think of all the juicy-porkiness headed your way!

We will be in touch as harvest time nears. Most whole pigs are harvested some time between September and November. Each season varies a little and depends on both weather and the growth rate of the pigs. We will be in touch at least two weeks before harvest to discuss your cutting instructions. Once the pig is sent in for harvest it will be approximately another 1-2 weeks before the pork is ready for pickup. We will pick-up your frozen pork from the USDA inspected processor and let you know when to come to our farm to pick up the pork. At pickup we will invoice you for the exact hanging weight of your pig.

Any items to be smoked will take approximately one month longer to be ready. Again, we'll let you know as soon as those items are ready for pickup.