Jen's Market Garden

Grown using organic methods!

We nurture a thriving 1 acre market garden that includes fresh culinary herbs, a diversity of leafy greens, heirloom and cherry tomatoes, husk cherries (those fun papery sweet treats), heirloom cucumbers, tomatillos, fresh cut-flowers and other speciality veggies. Most of our crops are sold through the World PEAS CSA, a multi-producer food hub and marketing collaborative managed by the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project. All of our vegetables, herbs, and flowers are raised using sustainable, non-chemical methods (which means never any herbicides, synthetic chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers). Our main source of natural soil fertility is our abundant composted rabbit manure and cover crops!

Value-Added Specialty Food Products

Turning the harvest bounty into delicious farm-grown treats!

With our culinary herbs and veggies, we also create a variety of value-added products, including:
~ fresh garden pesto using unique flavor combinations (lemon-basil pesto, thai basil pesto, and traditional Italian pesto with pecans, pistacios, and walnuts),
~ specialty herbal salts - using many dried herbs from the farm. Salts are available year-round for $4.50 / jar. Check out our unique flavors: chamomile-lemon salt, herbs de provencal salt, chipotle salt, smoked salt, and the exotic cinnamon-vanilla salt (delicious on pies and oatmeal!).
~ spicy hot sauces - using our field-grown cayenne, jalapeno, and other mixed spicy peppers, these limited edition hots sauces are sure to set your mouth on fire!
~ mustards - since we enjoy a well-made mustard to spread on our pasture-raised pork and hams, we like to experiment with unique mustard flavors (our favorites include English Brown and Spicy Guiness made with our own home-grown horseradish).
And, check back for more - we are always trying something new!

Where to buy?

In the mini-store!  We sell most all of our products through out self-serve mini-store!