Our Products


pasture-raised & organic fed

We strive to grow the healthiest, best tasting, and most humanely treated birds possible! We grow primarily two types of meat birds, the large-breasted Cornish-Cross and the slow-growing incredibly tasty red feather broiler from France known as Freedom Rangers, (aka Red Bro). The birds arrive at our farm as baby chicks and are moved to pasture within three weeks where they have total freedom to enjoy the lush pastures and fresh air. Our birds are also supplemented with a grain ration from Green Mountain Feeds - a certified organic feed company located in Vermont. We are state licensed to slaughter our own birds on-farm using the Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU).


pasture-raised & barley finished

Our pigs are raised outdoors on large fields of pasture and woodlands. The pigs have many acres to root and munch on grass, clovers, flowering wild plants and herbs as well as to dig up cool, deep mud holes. We constantly monitor the impact the pigs have on the land and adjust their access and rotations according to the needs of the land and the pigs. Often the pigs are rotated through several paddocks to self-harvest crops such as oats and peas, rye, sudan grass and barley. The pigs are also allowed continuous access to a balanced blend of vegetarian grain and supplemented daily with fresh vegetables from the farm as well as apples and acorns from nearby farms, as available.  All feed is organic or certified Non-GMO.

We typically harvest a few pigs during the summer months to keep the mini-store stocked full of a tasty selection - with the majority harvested in October and November. We offer whole hogs for sale as well as many different "sampler packs" which include assorted high-value cuts including chops, country-style ribs, sausage and hams. Bacon and other smoked products are sold separately.

Sheep / Lamb

100% grass fed

Sheep and lamb play an occasional role in our production system. In 2008 we received a Sustainable Agriculture Research Grant (SARE) to trial running sheep in the same pasture as our meat chickens. Our goal was to have the sheep graze down the pasture to a shorter height, as the chickens don't like tall grass. Integrating the sheep proved a great success, so we continued the research in 2009 and realized we love the sheep - not to mention that they save lots of energy in lieu of mowing the fields. Depending on the season and the condition of our pastures - we may or may not raise a handful of sheep or lambs.  Check out our mini-store to see if we have any in stock.


pasture-raised, free range & organic fed

We have a beautiful flock of hens which live on lush green pasture in the Spring, Summer and Fall and provide us with wonderful fresh and very tasty eggs. Each dozen is a "nest run" and contains a mix of delicious brown eggs. Our birds enjoy all the freedoms a chicken should have. In the cold dreary days of New England winters, the birds live happily and freely in a large sun-lit greenhouse on the farm. Our birds are fed a grain ration from Green Mountain Feeds - a certified organic feed company located in Vermont. Eggs from our hens are super tasty with rich golden yolks - you'll never want to eat another supermarket egg again!


forage finished and nutritious!

We have a vibrant and active rabbit herd which continues to grow and thrive!
Jen is head rabbitress and really enjoys raising and breeding these wonderful creatures. We currently have a small herd of New Zealand, Californian, and Satin breeds consisting of several bucks (Rocky, Stanton, Silver Bullet and Blackie) and over twenty does. Rabbits are harvested continuously and young rabbits are often "finished" on pasture in mobile rabbit pens to enhance flavor and meat quality. For greater detail about our production practices click the sidebar.