West Africa Development Project
Jen was selected as a 2016 Eisenhower Agriculture Fellow and had the amazing opportunity to join a global leadership network of Fellows from around the globe striving to make the world a better place.  For five weeks this summer, she journeyed to Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia to learn about farmer training, agricultural innovations, and scaling up strategies.  She met with agribusiness leaders, government officials, NGO's, food processors, and farmers.  Pete joined her for the final 3 weeks of the trip and enjoyed the farm tours and catching up with several of the farmers that he knew through Jen's work at the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (some of the graduates have repatriated back to Africa and hosted us during our stay).  It was an amazing journey and we hope you will enjoy learning a bit about the agriculture sector in West Africa.

In an effort to give back to our African hosts for this amazing learning opportunity, we are seeking support to implement community development projects in Liberia and Ghana (see below).  As former Peace Corps volunteers and experience working and living in developing countries and the deep connection we have with Suliman in Liberia, and Osman in Ghana, we feel we have a unique opportunity to help people we know and who have the local knowledge and connections necessary to make significant positive change in their own communities.  We hope you will join us to learn more and to support these greatly needed projects!  We welcome all to contribute as you can - nothing is too small to help!

We are in the early stages of this work and plan to return to these countries, partner with other local NGO's and to help Suiliman and Osman write grants to leverage additional funding to meet their goals. 

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Liberia project

Jen's long time friend and former co-worker at New Entry, Suliman Kamara, is back in his home country hard at work helping to rebuild and reviatalize his home village in many ways, from assisting the schools to bringing needed technology and basic tools to the agriculture sector after a devastating 14 year civil war and the Ebola crisis which struck the country in 2015.  

​​Help us raise community development funds for Cape Mount, Liberia.  These projects include providing funding to the local schools to assist them in purchasing the most basic supplies including chalk, pencils, notebooks and textbooks.  These schools literally have no supplies whatsoever

Ghana Project

​​Support Household Sanitation in Ghana

Help us raise funds for a home improvement loan program in Ghana.  Ghana has one of the highest rate of open defecation in West Africa.  Help our long-time friend, Osman Okyere establish a home ownership loan fund to work with household owners to build indoor toilets, composting toilets, and plumbing connections in their homes.   Help seed a new home improvement loan fund (goal:  $10,000).